Bill L.

Having been at the mission before, it was not hard to decide to return. I still think that no matter what disability you have, that the Lord has a task for you and will make a way for you to do a work in him.

I may not be able to walk fast anymore, or work at lifting as much as I once did, But I can get my bible to the chapel and tell about our Lord, and give out his Word that he has freely given us. It is time for me to get back to Him - Jesus - Who has given all to and for me. Who could ask for a more pleasing Job ? I enjoy being used of God here at the Albany Rescue Mission. I rejoice in the overcoming of sin.

I continue to pray for you as you are used of God to help the mission with your support and ask for your prayers also, so that many more may experience new life in Christ Jesus.

Thank You

Brother Bill L.

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