George G.

What has the Mission meant to me? At first it was merely a place of refuge where I would not have to live in the street as I had no money, was unemployed and recently was released from Dougherty County Jail.

But it became much more. Most importantly I was saved and realized that Jesus was my savior and had paid the ultimate price for my salvation. This is one fact that still is difficult for me to accept that Jesus died for someone so unworthy as myself. For this I am eternally grateful and thankful to God. I pray daily for God to bless me with strength and wisdom to do the right things and to live a righteous life. Without the Mission this would not have been possible I would still be a lost sinner headed straight for Hell.

I entered into the program at the Mission and graduated in July. I learned much about the Bible, about the Lord and Jesus and am grateful for all the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon myself and others. Since graduation I have become part of the staff responsible for daily operations of the Rescue Mission. This in itself has been a challenge to say the least. It is mind boggling for one to realize all that is required in the daily operations of the Mission and in taking care of all the daily requirements of the residents.

Once again I cannot express adequately in words how grateful I am about my salvation and all the blessings the Lord has provided myself and others. Continue to pray for the Mission and that God will allow the good work to continue here.

Pray for us,

George G.

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